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Let’s face it, all your Gods are crap. They are arrogant, egomaniacal, greedy, petty, and well, just crap. In fact, they’ve spent most of their time arguing over which of them is the most beloved by their respective Tribes.


Recently Jeff, the God of Biscuits, had an idea. He proposed the gods pit their Tribes against each other to battle in their honor.


The bet? The winning Gods get to keep the losing Gods’ Tribesmen.


However, the Tribesmen are none too happy about battling in the name of their crap Gods. So, the night before the battle, the Tribesmen devise a plan to overthrow their Gods: Instead of the Gods gaining Tribesmen by winning Skirmishes, the Tribesmen can pass their Gods along to another Tribe by losing them.


Puny Gods is a Trick-Taking game (e.g., Hearts) with elements of War and Uno and a few twists along the way.

Puny Gods Card Game (Pre-Order)

SKU: 126351351935
NOTE: Puny Gods will ship Spring 2024.
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